12 October 2012

Returning Soon.

You guys are coming in loud and clear. 
New dispatches (and street team materials) coming soon.

16 June 2012

MFA students to Admins: "We're sick of it!"

We've been away for awhile (miss us?) so we're just now unearthing this letter. It's hardly breaking news, but it's a good read nonetheless. To those involved: did anything come of this?

Enjoy this missive addressed to NYFA Sucks favorites Jean Sherlock and Dan Mackler, and stay tuned for regular updates!
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: MFA NYFA STUDENT  To: "jeans@nyfa.edu" ; "dan@nyfa.edu" ; "sonny.calderon@nyfa.edu"
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 8:42 PM
Dear Administration, (Particularly Sonny Calderon, Dan Mackler and Jean Sherlock) 
We are MFA students from the September 2010 Acting for Film Department. We have been trying to be heard about grievances that we have, but nobody seems to be listening. We keep getting the "run around" and find ourselves very frustrated. We feel that we are lied to so often, and we're quite frankly sick of it. Please have a meeting with us. AND PLEASE INCLUDE OUR FACULTY. LET THEM HEAR WHAT YOU TELL US. 
We truly feel that they are frustrated by orders that you give them, but they won't let on that it's a problem. We can tell that they all fear for their jobs. We're not happy with ALL the faculty...

20 November 2011

NYFA didn't defend our country...

Photo by TheEuskadi11.

From our comments section:

Before I start my complaint, I would like to qualify this by saying that I am a United States Military Veteran. My life experience as well as my respect has been disrespected more than once at this institution.  
First lets start with the Admin Department, particularly the Financial Aid portion. Not only do they NOT have the proper staff to handle the processing and distribution of Financial Aid (There's only one financial aid office and it's in NY, i'm in LA), they are at least a semester behind in paperwork. The ONE person Brian Kaplow that works in the FA Office screens calls and DOES NOT return calls promptly, if at all. I've seen students receive threatening emails from the Bursars office because of their Financial Aid not being taken care of when in all actuality, the students are waiting on the one person who controls all the proper paperwork for financial aid in the first place. I'm STILL waiting the overage of my invoice to be paid to me and they take forever when they owe you. 
Second, let's talk about the Bursars Office Staff. These women has the shittiest attitudes i've ever seen in any administrative profession. If you have a question and walk into their office, they give you the "Look of death" as if you're not suppose to bother them with questions that they are suppose to be qualified to answer. One of them barely knows how to print an invoice correctly and i'm still to this day waiting on it.  
Third, I was once told by a staff person (I believe her name was Janice) that this is how the real world is going to be (Referring to their unorganized schedule and problems we were having with the staff). I defended this country for 6 years plus and

19 November 2011

Lawyer Needed

Photo by nyghtowl.

New York Film Academy sexual harassment lawsuit. Please email us with credentials for details.

13 August 2011

Tweet of the Week!

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12 August 2011

Nodilo on Notice

Anonymous said... 
Just to let all of you know, John Nodillo was one of the biggest DOUCHE BAGS that most of us have ever met.

I have seriously never met a single person who worked with him who didn't share that sentiment. He was so FULL OF SHIT that it literally came out of his ears.

Pretty much everything the dude said was a lie. so I guess, good for him.
And then he conned this douche NFL player into working for him. The two of them shall be very happy pretending to one day make it "big" in the industry.

Nodillo I suppose, has the bullshit ability to make it in the industry... but anyone who knew him, knows that he has absolutely NO talent to make it.
(Photo by Sister72 on Flickr.)

11 August 2011

NYFA "is like working at MacDonalds"

Hey, guys. I haven't checked this board in many months. Check out this new review about NYFA L.A.:
Joe S.

Hot damn. 4 weeks of complete utter shit. I feel deep sincere apologies for those that have signed up for the adult programs and wasted years of their life at this "business". See what I did there? I didn't say school.

This place is like working at MacDonalds, except you have to pay them thousands and thousands of dollars to attend.

Are you an aspiring filmmaker that is planning to graduate and break into the industry? Good luck. Chances are, at auditions and idea pitches, when you say that you graduated from solely NYFA, they'll spit in your face and promptly drop kick you out the nearest exit.

It's like going into the military, and saying "Hey guys, I am very experienced and trained at this, chill!. I've played Call of Duty for 2 years before, so respect me!"

Thanks for the heads up, Michael! Glad to see you visiting again. (Banner photo by Hryck, from Flickr Creative Commons.)

04 August 2011

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15 July 2011

Remember John Nodilo?

goodeveningnewyorkcity said...
If a school offered a an MFA program that provided no educational gain for a 12-month program, what would make me believe adding another year of this mayhem would be even better? Is it that the man in charge of the Master's Program in LA was the only man in the office with a Master's degree and due to rules governing the certifications of the school, had to be promoted. Taking a program at NYFA may lead to a career as a NYFA employee. All it takes is letting the right person know how much you need to pay your rent and they may have you working in what they call the equipment department or filing papers in the office in no time. After a few months working in the equipment department and making your coworkers look incompetent and showing the man in charge you know how to bullshit enough he may decide to promote you to being the man that PRETENDS to DECIDE whether or not you can attend the MFA program. Wow!! Sounds promising! For the bargain price of a rip off I too can not only be an unemployed ex NYFA student, but with enough bullshit can go from that to getting my hands dirty in the equipment department to being the Director of the acclaimed Masters of Fine Arts program at this exclusive institution. Sounds like just the school I want to go to. SIGN ME UP.
Anonymous said...
Funny thing, that guy with the Masters degree deciding who could study the MFA didn't even have an AFA. True story. He lied. Therefore, he was not qualified to make those decisions or represent the school in that fashion. Hundreds of students were 'judged' by him.
Think anybody who allows the school to a license to operate would be interested in that information?

14 July 2011

New Yelp Review

Valentino T. rated NYFA LA 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Here's his review:
It is good for short-term workshop, but useless for long term programs especially if u looking for to get MFA credits, just a couple of Colleges in New York accept credit from N.Y.F.A  u can have a better education if u go to community colleges all around the country.